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We welcome applications from appropriately qualified doctors to join the UKSDMC list of approved medical referees. The basic requirements include:

  • Recognised medical qualification
  • Practising sport diver with advanced diving qualification
  • Recognised diving medicine education, for example attending courses or diving medicine research publications
If you are interested in more details please contact the UKSDMC secretary at the following address:
Dr David Wilmot
CA15 6SJ
Tel: 01900 812575
Mobile: 07785257703

The work of a diving Medical Referee involves answering and dealing with queries from divers and other doctors on any medical matter in diving. Some may be very complex and time consuming. With regard to complex cases, these should be referred to any member of the UK Sport Diving Medical Committee for presentation and discussion at our regular meetings.
If appointed, it is also important to keep up to date in Diving Medicine. This is why emphasis is placed on attending courses and being an active diver. If you believe you qualify with regard to criteria above, please send a mini CV to the above address which should also include DOB, and current and past medical positions. It will then be presented to the next Medical Committee Meeting for consideration.